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How to Hire and Recruit the Best Team for Your Medical Spa

March 14, 2023/by Ronnie

How to Conduct Successful Staff Meetings to Increase Employee Engagement

February 24, 2023/by Ronnie

2023 MedSpa Meeting Highlights

February 17, 2023/by Ronnie

How to Decrease Patient “No Shows”

February 10, 2023/by Ronnie

2 Free Tools to Know Your Practice’s Numbers in 2023

January 20, 2023/by Ronnie

APX 2022 Year in Review + Look Ahead at 2023

January 6, 2023/by Ronnie

Annual Strategic Planning For Your Aesthetic Practice

December 9, 2022/by Ronnie

Set your Aesthetics Practice up for Success in 2023: A Round Table Discussion and Advice from the APX Platform Team of Experts

November 17, 2022/by Ronnie

The Most Important Marketing Metrics to Track in Your Aesthetics Practice: What to Expect from Your Marketing Agency

November 3, 2022/by Ronnie

Tips for Managing your Aesthetic Practice’s Online Reputation

October 21, 2022/by Ronnie

Creating a Positive Team Culture as a Practice Manager

October 7, 2022/by Ronnie

6 Strategies to Prevent Employee Turnover Today

September 23, 2022/by Ronnie

Mastering the 4 Personality Types: A Key Strategy to Convert More Consultations into Clients

September 9, 2022/by Ronnie

12 Traits your Practice Manager Should Have

August 25, 2022/by Ronnie

How to Convert Web Leads & Tips for a High-Converting Website

August 12, 2022/by Ronnie

7  Tips for Personal and Aesthetic Practice Growth

July 28, 2022/by Ronnie

How to Create a Patient Newsletter that Builds Relationships

July 14, 2022/by Ronnie

How to Deliver a 5-Star Patient Experience in your Aesthetic Practice

June 17, 2022/by Ronnie

Training Your Front Desk Staff on the Services You Provide

June 3, 2022/by Ronnie

How to Price Your Aesthetic Services and When it’s Time to Raise Them!

May 19, 2022/by Ronnie

How Practice Managers can help their Front Desk team convert more inquiries into patients 

April 21, 2022/by Ronnie

5 Key Factors to Strategically Launch a Successful Medical Spa

April 8, 2022/by Ronnie

Top Tips for Social Media Success in 2022 for Aesthetic Practices

March 25, 2022/by Ronnie

Top 3 Reasons to Perform a Practice Assessment

March 13, 2022/by Ronnie

How to Hire & Recruit the Best Team for your New Aesthetic Practice

March 7, 2022/by Ronnie

Strategies to Reduce Merchant Services Fees

February 25, 2022/by Ronnie

Staff Mentoring: An Important Employee Retention Tool

January 27, 2022/by Ronnie

Terri Ross featured on the Cover of “Top Doctor” Magazine

October 31, 2021/by

How to Convert Patients on a Budget: The Importance of Outside Financing

October 29, 2021/by

Tips for Successful New Employee Orientation

October 17, 2021/by

4 Key Strategies for Successful Lead Generation

September 30, 2021/by

APX Announces New Advisory Board

September 5, 2021/by

The Key to Success is in the Sale

September 2, 2021/by

APX Announces Izhak Musli as Co-CEO

August 25, 2021/by

Measuring Data in Plastic Surgery vs Medical Spas

August 19, 2021/by

APX Founder Terri Ross to be a Featured Faculty Speaker at Miami Cosmetic Surgery 2021

August 10, 2021/by
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