PODCAST: Practice Consolidation and Growth: What’s Next? with Nicole Gregory

In this new episode of InTouch with Terri, Terri sits down with Nicole Gregory, the CEO of Urban You Modern Beauty & Wellness in Michigan. Nicole and I met about 5 years ago at an AmSpa event. She hired me to review her numbers, prices and services and help her build out her proforma/budget.
Now 5 years later, her one location turned into 3 as the big hype is MSO, roll ups, consolidation and private equity money.
Whats next for you?  Are you set up for success?
The two women sat down and discussed the following:
  1. Why she hired me
  2. Whats led to her success and how urban you is unique
  3. MSOs and what they mean
  4. Consolidation in the industry and how she is helping other medspa owners take the lift off if they want to partner