PODCAST: Why Aesthetic Practices Convert Less Leads than They Should

Tune into this exciting episode of “In Touch with Terri” as she is joined by Charlie Winn, CRO of LIINE, the AI-powered call tracking platform that simplifies and improves how healthcare practices acquire new patients.

Tune in to learn…

  • The most common reasons new leads do not schedule the initial consultation?
  • In your opinion and after reviewing your analytics and listening to calls, what % of the time do you feel the calls are good, and what % could use training?
  • What type of experience do you feel one needs to excel at the front desk roll to be able to successfully manage and convert leads effectively?
  • How should someone answer questions about pricing over the phone?
  • What data you should be measuring to assess the performance of your patient acquisition funnel?
  • Should you incentive your front desk staff to care about converting more leads? If so, why isn’t it part of their responsibility?