Building and Scaling an Aesthetics Brand

InTouch with Terri podcast featuring Eric Casaburi, founder and CEO of Serotonin Centers

Tune in to this brand new episode of InTouch with Terri as she sits down with Eric Casaburi, founder and CEO of Serotonin Centers to talk about building and scaling a brand in the aesthetic space. Terri and Eric have an enlightening conversation about his entrepreneurial spirit and journey and his passion for advancing the health and well being for men and women.

You’ll hear how after spending 15+ years growing on the most nationally recognized fitness brands—with over 150 gyms, serving 500,000+ members, across 16 states under his leadership, Eric noticed many health and fitness enthusiasts were fighting an uphill battle against their own aging process and were no longer getting the results they expected from their efforts.

Wanting to give them a solution to recalibrate, Eric founded Serotonin Anti-Aging Centers in 2021–giving members and clients a road map for their lifelong wellness journey, no matter where they are on the continuum. He has since built and scaled an incredible brand and has more than 40 new franchise locations in development.