How To Set Up An Exit Strategy For Your Aesthetic Practice

InTouch with Terri podcast featuring Terri Ross

In this captivating episode of In Touch with Terri, Terri Ross, delves into the increasingly pertinent subject of preparing to sell an aesthetic practice. Drawing on her wealth of experience and expertise, Terri outlines the essential strategies and considerations for owners looking to create a successful exit plan for their business. With a focus on positioning practices to attract and satisfy the rigorous requirements of private equity investors, this episode is packed with actionable advice.Terri highlights the importance of understanding key financial indicators such as EBITDA, patient conversion rates, and revenue targets that appeal to potential buyers. She also stresses the value of a well-trained, productive team and operational excellence as critical factors that influence the attractiveness of an aesthetic practice to investors. Throughout the episode, Terri interweaves fundamental business principles, such as understanding the unique value proposition, with insights into industry benchmarks and growth opportunities.Key Takeaways:

  • Financial Preparation: Aesthetic practice owners should aim for a top-line revenue of at least $2 million and an adjusted EBITDA of $500,000 to appeal to private equity investors.
  • Operation Analysis: Practices must be under substantial scrutiny, focusing on staff utilization, patient load, conversion rates, service diversification, and provider concentration.
  • Team Structure: A strong, diversified team showcases a business’s sustainability and is crucial for due diligence by private equity.
  • Forward Planning: Owners should prepare for an exit strategy at least five years in advance, with a solid team including a CPA, legal team, and operational support.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Grasping industry benchmarks and using KPIs to make informed business decisions is imperative for growth and attracting investment.If you are ready to create change and want to learn more about APX, please visit  to schedule a discovery call.